Brand Your Business
People Make The Brand
A Brand Is A Beacon


You can own a brand's name,
not it's reputation.
Brands are made by people; the stakeholders. These stakeholders exist on an internal (employees, management, shareholders,...) as well as on an external level (consumers, clients, suppliers, ...). The relation between these stakeholders IS the brand.

This means that the legal and administrative possessor of a brand can own it's name and he can guide his brand, but he can't controll it. The stakeholders do, all together. That is whty nicely phrased brand charters in chique documents that are sent out to everyone and nobody don't do the job.

We believe in brands that live and are lived through every single person, every single product, every single service and every single thought. That belief doesn't make our life easier, but it surely makes yours much more efficient.

Therefore our work is focussed not only on defining brands from the bottom to the top but also on bringing it to life in the company, around the company and outside of the company. Which simply means that by working this way, your internal and external stakeholder will live your brand and make your brand alive!

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