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Innovating concepts at high speed
A workshop based on a methodology enabling you to create and define new product concepts that fit the brand definition as well as the consumer's expectations.

This intensive group work challenges a dedicated team made up from people of all concerned departments (marketing, sales, distribution, communication,...) to get connected with the consumer.

In a method that alternates brainstorm sessions and consumer focus groups, concept statements are formulated and directly tested on the target audience. This way the team gets immediate input from the consumer and is confronted with its consumer-alienated thinking and phrasing.

At the end, you don't just get very clear and consumer-oriented concepts that pass quantitative tests with verve. You will also come out of the workshop with a enthusiast team that cooperates in an efficient way and that believes in the concepts it has created.

You will never look at consumers and innovation the same way you did before.


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